First Blog – Empty Project

My name is Daniel Beard and I am a third year games programming student. I wanted a place to upload work that I have done and build a profile over time. Hopefully someone else will get some use or education from my programs.

The first post is something nice and simple. A simple empty glut project. The amount of times that I have set up a new project completely is ridiculous. It is always good to have a solid base to build from so here is an empty glut project with a rotating cube.

This example project is just a glut project with a simple spinning cube. Some of these projects may not have ideal code in some parts of them, but as I think of better ways to do things they will be updated.

Spinning Cube

Spinning Cube

Here is the link to the project – download

(Note: Files are in a RAR folder and created in Visual Studio 2005)
Let me know if any links go dead 🙂


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