Doom md5 Model Loader

This code will load a doom md5 model with textures and animation. The source code for this application was adapted from here. I do have a better version of this application but some of the features are not yet complete such as bump mapping and displacement mapping. I will upload the updated version at some point in the future when I have enough spare time to finish it.

Some interesting additional information about the doom md5 model format is available at the following websites:

Here is a pretty screenshot from the program:


The pinky doom md5 model

The pinky doom md5 model


Download link

(Note: Files are in RAR file format and projects are created in Visual Studio 2005)
Let me know if any of the links go dead 🙂


9 thoughts on “Doom md5 Model Loader

  1. cool ive been looking for a complete model loader for ages I am new to 3D game programming and am keen to learn more and its always great to come across blogs that have exactly what you need and it gives the learning process a personal touch. keep up the good work!

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  3. Double check the paths of the texture files as I think the paths may be hard coded in. Sorry, its been a while since looked at this code.

  4. I like this loader but I am having a problem. What is the correct way to load multiple objects? When I use:
    md5load md5object;
    md5load md5object1;
    md5load md5object2;

    and then draw each of the md5objects, the first model is animated correctly (the speed of the animation of that first object is ok) but the 2nd and the rest of the models are animating really slow (the speed of the other objects animation is slow.) Is there a bottleneck? or what is the correct way to load multiple objects?

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