Metro themed button for iOS

Just for fun, I have created a metro themed UIButton for iOS complete with perspective 3D transform animations. Check out the screen shot and video below.

Get the project on GitHub here:


3 thoughts on “Metro themed button for iOS

  1. Have you done any work toward a layout manager to organize tiles? I have a need for a metro-like interface, using touch events to resize and reorganize tiled components, but not in a scrolling container. I’d rather contribute to an open source lib than build it from scratch, if possible.

  2. I haven’t, although if you have the luxury of only supporting iOS6 (not many of us do) then the UICollectionView is great. That said, feel free to contribute to the project 🙂

  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing, for even more awesomeness add UIViewEdgeAntialiasing (with value YES, of course;) to your Info.plist file. Alternatively there is that dreaded 1 pixel transparent frame hack to get the edges antialiased.

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